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Additional Services

Enterprise development

  • Enterprise (commercialisation)
  • Value chain development
  • Development and execution of commissioned Enterprise Development Programmes
  • Focus area development of the growth orientated woman, youth and social entrepreneurs

Socio-economic change

  • Creating sustainable social enterprises
  • Facilitating generation of sustainable social business ideas and plans
  • Capacity building to facilitate sustainability for existing social enterprises

Project management

  • Design and execution of development and empowerment programmes
  • Design and execution of socio economic programmes
  • Monitoring and value realisation management of strategic programmes

Partner & network mobilisation

  • Creating and managing strategic linkages in order to maximise funder investment and sustainability of the entrepreneur
  • Establishing support platforms
  • Nurturing post-project sustainability

Advocacy awareness & capacity building

  • Empowering economically sustainable social enterprises
  • Review and assistance with blended funding business models
  • Skills and business structure analysis

Corporate BBEEE facilitation

  • Tradelane collaborates proudly with the Simanye Group, a cluster of entities dedicated to helping businesses, communities and the public sector find effective and sustainable solutions for transformation and economic development in South Africa, Africa and beyond.
  • We offer consulting and audit / verification support services for BEE as well as a range of plug and play options for achieving points and strategic impact in areas such as Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development, and Socio-Economic Development.
  • We also specialise in holistic community economic development, local procurement, social / impact enterprise, inclusive business models, and have our own Impact Investing arm for early stage social enterprises.

We’d be happy to tailor any of our expertise and services to meet your organisation’s unique goals. Please use our easy enquiry form to get in touch with Tradelane today.

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