13 11, 2017


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Raymond Ackerman, the successful businessman who started the Pick n Pay supermarket group in 1967, firmly believes in the “four legs of the retail table.” He believes that each of these legs, representing the business, needs to be equally strong to balance the table. WHAT ARE THE FOUR LEGS? 1. Administration This refers to the [...]

27 09, 2017

Understanding Business Growth

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UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS GROWTH Unplanned growth can be disastrous for our business. We need to ask why we want to grow and plan for it. Growth and change will be uncomfortable. We need to highlight the obstacles and prepare for them with a good action plan. The need to move forward “No company can afford not [...]

18 08, 2017

Preparing For Business

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PREPARING FOR BUSINESS – RUN YOUR OWN RACE AT YOUR OWN PACE Small businesses are not only an empowering tool, but also a vital chain in our economy. We employ the most people, we pay taxes and we contribute to the fibre of society. However, being in business is hard work. We have to have [...]